January 2010 - my month in (a) list

So, a new decade, eh... why, Father Time, you are really spoiling us!


This month I heard new (less than a year old anyway) albums by The Bomb, Beans on Toast, Wye Oak & From Monument to Masses; older stuff by Unwound and Bridge & Tunnel; the demo by Weed Hounds; songs by Beach House, Demi Lovato, Adam Green, The Magnetic Fields and Alkaline Trio stood out for good reasons; Chris Brown, Vampire Weekend, Los Campesinos, Blood Red Shoes and 3OH!3 stood out for, ahem, not so good reasons.


Saw Changeling, L'enfant, Religilous & My Blueberry Nights.


Not a lot this month - Screenwipe, TV Burp, Chemistry: A Volatile History and Ice Road Truckers have all been watched off and on.


Just 5 live, the odd blast of 6music and the morning show on BBC Essex for snow updates.


theguardian Football Weekly & Kermode and Mayo's Film Reviews.

Change of tack

Evening all,

From now on this blog shall be updated a bit more often, but not in the same manner as before. At the end of the month there'll be a list of stuff I've heard, seen, read, and so on. Then the following month, there will be thoughts posted about those things. Hopefully this will make the site easier to keep updated. Anyhow, January 2010 to follow soon...


Jack (Hot Cuss)